Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ahhhhh . . . feel GOOD

I don't know what's going on in the outside world so much but I am amazed at what's going on in mine. Yesterday I realized that nothing hurt when I got up. I'm not saying that I jumped out of bed, bounced to the bathroom & yodeled, 'Hello World' at the top of my lungs while I tap danced into the shower, but considering how I've been feeling for a very long time, it was close!!  Nothing hurts!  I didn't make 'Old Woman' noises as I got out of bed & I can breathe like a normal person!!  I'm not coughing!!  I can honestly say that I haven't felt this good since I had my throat surgery & was able to talk again.

Haven't really changed my diet although I've switched to 2% milk, eat High Fibre whenever possible & pretty much stopped eating anything fried. I try to add more greens to everything but still have days when I don't have any. Drink?? I don't really drink other than water, tea & a coffee - if I go out.

One thing I have done is adjust my head about medication. I hate taking it  & have had a hard time believing I am now on drugs for life. I haven't been good about taking them over the long haul.  Instead of taking them every day to PREVENT attacks, I quit when I'm feeling better. Which brings on another attack .  .  .   The fact is - I no longer function without it. The Zombies will get me after the Apocalypse because I'll be struggling to breathe. I'm really counting on knitting & spinning to save me from them in the end.

And talking about Knitting - I am in the process of casting-on PABAIGH from Kate Davies. This is a tee shirt style vest with a cowl attached. It's knit in one piece from the bottom to the funnel shaped cowl. It caught my fancy because it's a simple layering piece that can be adjusted easily. My favorite niece doesn't want shawls or bits of kit that fall off, get laid down somewhere, need adjusting or are precious because most of her time is spent working outside on her 'farm'. She complains about hats & scarves that fall off when she bends over to shovel poop, mittens that are useless when she has to untie rope or twine or sweaters that pull up in the back when she bends over.  A lot of today's accessories are not good for her. 

This cap sleeved sweater/vest solves a couple of problems as I see it, it can be made longer, wider or narrower as desired, it knits up quickly, it can be worn over a lighter shirt for extra warmth when you don't really need a jacket, it can be worn over a heavy shirt or under a jacket when you need a little extra without too much bulk & the cowl will never fall off. I was thinking about making this first one a little boxier than a sweater. I'm using good old Briggs & Little 'Tuffy' in 'DENIM' which is 80% wool & 20% nylon in a 2 ply medium or worsted yarn. It's certainly NOT next-to-skin soft but it will wear like IRON in the barnyard. It won't care if it gets poop or slobber on it & will soften up with handling & wear but still retains it's shape. There's nothing like a new project to get your juices flowing!!!

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Louisa said...

So glad you’re feeling better these days! It’s been a long haul for you. The Pabaigh sweater should be perfect for an active person. Happy knitting!