Friday, June 08, 2018

Summer Daze

Here I am & suddenly it's JUNE!! I'm getting older by the minute. Not a helluva lot going on in my life these days except bookkeeping work that I thought I was leaving behind. But, I promised myself I would work until I had my credit card balance paid off & it's rapidly reducing - I really look forward to that monthly statement these days!!!

I was taken out for a Chinese dinner yesterday by a friend I don't see very often. He was actually on his way to Costa Rica for 10 days - leaving on the Red Eye - his first trip out of North America!!! He was so excited. He's a single dad who stayed home & raised his kid until she left home last fall so everyone's been pushing him to get out & see the sights - and meet some nice women too - before he gets too old. He promised pictures!

Meanwhile, back at the Basement - I'm finding it hard to get excited about plants in pots this year. I found it hard last year too. Maybe it's time to shift most of the pots into the recycling, put up a curtain or two & spend the summer with one or two glorious baskets of Succulents & a wind chime instead. The back yard got overrun with that damn Morning Glory last year & I was too short of breath to hack it back. It came back with a vengeance this year in the middle of allergy season & I was short of breath when I went outside. It's been reduced by a couple of hot days & a lot of yanking but I don't want to water out there for fear of helping it come back once more. I do miss the ferns though .   .   .   .

Pabaigh has been frogged. It's just not normal to knit worsted yarn on a 3mm needle!! It's hard on
the hands & wrists!! But, knitting on the 5mm needle that I'd normally use made it 5 sizes too big. And it's already designed to have 12 inches of ease. My biggest problem is getting gauge in the round - I tend to relax, so it will grow - but I don't like working with the smaller needle. I may have to do some math & recalculate everything in MY gauge. It's a pretty simple design so that may be what I do in the end .  .  .  .   One more try on the smaller needles though - I'll knit a big swatch in the round & see how I feel.

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