Monday, June 18, 2018

Heat Wave

Goth Kitty
It's summertime & the living is easy  .  .  .   thank gawd for bagged salads, rotisserie chicken & cold cider!!  We are finally in the middle of a heat wave in my part of the world & I have no intention of cooking, even for myself, every day. The basement is deliciously cool & I intend to keep it that way! I indulged in a big bag of Ancient Grains cereal, blue berries & a gallon of milk along with bags of broccoli & cabbage slaw, mixed greens, snap peas, baby veg & hummus to go with the rotisserie chicken & meat pies. I can cook when it's cold outside!

I thought I'd peruse the BC Liquor website & see what kind of cider they have. I'm not a big drinker but I like a cold one once in a while like everyone else. I also like a shot of sumpin sumpin in my tea occasionally too. And I won't turn my nose up at a tall, frosty cocktail neither.
Have you ever really looked at the government liquor website??? I was quite shocked at some of the offerings. I did expect the imported single malt whiskies to be pricey but $41,000 a bottle??? There's even one in a Lalique bottle & a Russian vodka in enamel. Cognac was anywhere from $250 to $25,000 a bottle. Who drinks this stuff???
Obviously there must be a market - can you see it all now??? Lunching ladies talk about Father's Day the week after - " Well daaaarling, I bought Himself a 22k gold & jade money clip while  the children picked up a 50 year old bottle of single malt from some backwater island in Scotland for $25,000".

On the knitting front - finished my Hopscotch Socks at last. I took pity on them, brought them in from the car & just did it. I just wasn't working on them at all. The Ex's last two eye appointments were so short, I barely got the ticket purchased!!!
I've cast-on a pair of short socks in Goth Kitty. I loved that colorway so much I bought FOUR balls.
And I've finally figured out the gauge for the cowled vest I'm making for my niece - I hate it but I'm knitting worsted yarn on a 3.25 mm needle. It's a little hard on the hands to knit so firmly but I'm making the small size so it won't be too long of a knit over all. I will just have to knit it outside since the Briggs & Little yarn throws 'bits' into the air as I work with it & it makes me wheeze.

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