Saturday, August 19, 2006


can't believe I ha
ven't updated the Blog in all this time!!! How the time flies . . . . I've been so busy with knitting socks, completing TWO courses at the Virtual U and trying to make a living!! The week of August 12th was MURDER!! I had to write two challenge papers, write two exams & complete two corporate tax returns. I finished the whole Shebang at two minutes to 3:00. Yup, that was 3:00AM on the 12th!!!

I finished all four pairs of socks in time - two of them are pictured - two pairs for the Birthdays & two for the Anniversay! The 'Parents who have Everything' were quite put out when their favorite granddaughter told them that 55 years of marriage was no big deal . . . . I laughed & told them we couldn't afford another big DOOOO until their 60th anyway so 'suck it up'. But,I guess we'll have to 'Flamingo' the yard again in a couple of years on her birthday since she's on the way to 75.

I promised a pair of Frankensockettes to a kid waaaaaaaaay back in the spring. So last nite I dug around in the scrap basket & came up with some bits & pieces that go together - sort of! I decided the base color would be black so the bright stripes would really stand out - so the ribbing is black & the heel ended up being black because I ran out of the cherry halfway through the heel shaping . . . . but so far, I think they'll end up looking great.

I've also been spinning like mad on my Arvik fleece. Its so nice I didn't even wash it before spinning but I have several fluffy skeins of washed wool hanging on my skein rack . . . . they range in color from light grey to almost black & should knit up into a lovely mottled fabric. I'm thinking of knitting it up in a one piece, plain cardigan, knit from the neck down in stockinette with seed borders & cuffs. I haven't decided whether to knit it up as a fine fabric in one ply or as two yet. Swatches to come . . . . will post a pic when I'm able. I'm thinking of taking some time off from knitting socks & finishing the three sweaters I have started for myself so I have something to wear in the fall . . . . .

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