Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm knitting as fast as I can . . . .

I have two birthdays & an anniversary coming up for the same people. They got married on his birthday, the day he turned 21. She had just turned 18 two days before. His parents wouldn't give permission for him to marry her even though her parents would. So, they planned the wedding, invited everyone, waited for his birthday & got married that afternoon . . . . his parents didn't even attend the wedding. They said they were too young, she was no good & it wouldn't last anyway. They're celebrating their 55th this year, healthy as horses & still going strong.
And I'm giving them socks.

My cell phone contract was up for renewal in the fall so they called me with a terrific offer - get a new phone with the renewal if you renew now - sure, said I. And the BT picked out the new phone he's been lusting after - the Razr - I think thats the spelling, its some sort of hashed version of Razor. Lovely, thin, with multi-musical rings, more games, better camera, more songs, more surfing, more texing . . . . all the bloody things I don't need, like or want. I've lost half of my phone numbers, all my fax numbers & email addies kept in the old phone. I thought these things were saved on the damn chip you transfer over . . . . . !!!??? The phone book is not as good, there is no recurrent alarm & the datebook is not as good. The only really good things on this phone are the extended life battery & the speakerphone. I hate the Razr. I want a PDA phone that rings like a phone & has good coverage. If I get to choose extras, I want to put books on it so I can read when I'm waiting or travelling. Thats it. Is that too much to ask for????

On the needles . . . blue Confetti socks. Its the pattern Gail did for her son - two shades of blue with one of grey in alternating thick stripes with one white stitch every few stitches between some of the colored stripes to delineate them. Very graphic. Very nice. Have the same in browns too. They're for the Birthday/Anniversary boy. Her's are finished. She gets blue Invicta in shades of blue ranging from dark Navy to Royal with bits of light blue here & there & a pair of Confetti in oatmeal & grey lattice with fine, one row wide, stripes of yellow, buff & pink with lavender toes.
On the really BIG needles - an afghan for the BT on handmade needles from Houndesign. They're 40" circs with turned wooden tips that I've rubbed with greasy fleece to make them smooth & they're a little bigger than my little finger, probably a 7 or 8mm. I wanted very long circs so I could make an afghan in one piece - I hate sewing things together!!! So Cheri had her hubby make them as a demo set for me to try. I love wooden needles to start with so these are really nice!!! I'm using a light demin colored acrylic since this will be washed a lot & I'm using a large lace pattern - I think its a Feather & Fan version.

The picture is a proto nebulae - isn't it grand???

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Marlene said...

I'd like to send happy anniversary wishes to the couple who weren't supposed to stay together.

We are coming up on our 29th anniversary. At the time of our marriage I was 17 and he was still a week shy of his 22nd birthday. We had been dating since I was 13 and he was not quite 18. We're still madly in love after all these years!