Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The BoyToy wants more socks

I'm sure he has no conception of the cost or time involved in manufacturing socks - all he knows is that they're more comfortable & his feet are happier. I've had this pair in splotch dyed blue Confetti languishing on my favorite bamboo skewer needles for weeks now . . . . knitting his socks has become soooooo boring. I mean, how many pairs can you knit in the same color??? I do vary them somewhat with solid colored toes - he has red, black and many shades of blue & grey. They're extra long in the leg. So, out of boredom, the last pair just laid there. Partially knit. And then I had a brain storm. It's amazing how fast these things knit up when you're excited. I decided to knit a narrow stripe, just a couple rows of red before adding a solid blue toe. They're very nice. He came over last nite, spotted the socks - I still have to close the toes - & said they had better be his because he's gonna kill anyone else who gets them!!! He likes them!!!

And now my favorite bamboo needles are free . . . . . I love these needles. They're a little long - 10" - but I made them from the bamboo meat skewers you find in most grocery stores. I got smooth ones, you have to watch out, some are ridged. I sanded them lightly, cut off the sharp end & sanded both ends to a dull point. I rubbed them with greasy fleece & used them. I did carry a small piece of sandpaper for the first week or so to catch the little burrs but haven't had a problem since then. They've developed a nice patina from use & I love their flexibility. And, best of all, they're almost all a perfect 2.5mm before sanding!! I'm still working on sanding down a set to 2mm for knitting MY socks.

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The Purloined Letter said...

Great idea! We made some needles from dowels put through a pencil sharpener, sanded and oiled, then topped with acorn caps. They are so much fun to use!