Monday, July 10, 2006

And what have you been doing on YOUR summer holidays???

I've been watering the garden - in this weather it grows itself! The zucchinis double in size over night & are crawling out of the garden & wandering across the lawn to the landlord's delight. It means he doesn't have to mow the grass!

I didn't plant anything in the garden this year because he said he was getting a big load of topsoil & mushroom manure. DIDN'T. One day I came out & he had planted some tomato plants & some zucchinis - he said his brother put in two new greenhouses for produce & he can get it for free so why dig in the garden . . . . . OOOOOOKAY. I can't pull weeds anymore - my fingers swell up like sausages!! So, I guess I'll be doing more container gardening & he'll be mowing more lawn . . . . .

Got three clamatis plants donated to me last week. I intend to put them into one big container to provide me with shade on the west side of my patio. Bought the plastic lattice to put up - check, bought container dirt - check, now to find a container BIG enough!

And now to socks. I love my FISH socks & have cast-on the LADYBUG yarn. Actually, I've already begun turning the heels on the LADYBUG socks! I think I love the LADYBUG colorway even more than FISH. I cast them on Saturday nite in the middle of a movie & got up to the heel turning last nite. I couldn't put them down!!!!!
And I think I'll have enough yarn left over to make a pair of short summer socks with a contrasting toe out of each ball!! I decided to make longer winter socks first since I'll get more use out of them but the leftovers are too expensive not to use. I'm actually thinking of knitting the LADYBUG leftovers with black, maybe in stripes instead of just finishing the foot where the LADYBUG runs out - I think it would be sooooooo interesting . . . . . And I still have PARROT to knit!!! God I love yarn!

On the wheel - my spinning has been somewhat neglected lately but I have been spinning up the acid pink & chocolate brown superwash roving that Gail gave me, off & on. I found another piece of roving so I think I'll have more than enough to make a shrug on large needles. The yarn is a yummy combo that I've spun in a soft singles, a la Lopi - But, I'll wait until the third skein is done before deciding exactly what it will be . . . I think the shrug will be the handiest item. It gets cold when the sun goes down when we're spinning outside the Esquires & I haven't come close to finishing a sweater yet . . . . especially one light enough to wear in summer!! Sometime this summer, I must finish one of the three I have on the needles so I have something to wear to work this winter!!

Ahhhhhh . . . . if only . . . . I pray to the Lotto gods every time I buy a ticket - puleeeeezzze let it be me so I can spend the rest of my life with fibre!!

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Stephanie said...

The Ladybug socks are really cute!