Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oh For a Little Adventure . . . .

I've been cruising other people's blogs
this morning while I wait for the last lazy people to fax their time-sheets to me, Yes, its payroll day! I've offered to do it one day early in the summer if all the employees get their stuff in by Wednesday nite but there's always someone who can't co-operate!!! This means everyone who wants to leave early for the weekend will not get paid again this pay period. Tsk, tsk - I keep reminding them that their Mothers DO NOT WORK HERE! One late apple ruins it for all - I will only do payroll once . . . .

So, I'm cruising Other People's Blogs. Louisa - I just LOVE those Africa Socks!!
To see them, go to Damselfly' !! I'm looking for something "manly" for the BoyToy's dad - he will wear wild socks if they're in "manly" colors like blues, greys & browns. The BoyToy will not - wonder who's genes he got???? His mom will wear anything I make!

The Ladybug socks are almost finished.
It was decided at my Wednesday Nite Nitting session that grey toes are the way to go - the Ladybugs are NOT cherry with black, they are actually cherry with dark grey. Hence, the grey toes. Will post a pic when they're done!! And then on to Parent's Socks. Got two birthdays & one anniversary August 22-24 for them & socks are the present of choice for the Parents who have Everything. So, socks it shall be!!

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