Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ahhhhhhh, the joys of Summer

The corner veggie stand has "melon madness" going on! Casabas, watermelons, cantelope, crenshaws & honey dews . . . with strawberries, cherries & papayas. Hmmmmm, sounds like a song or a new sock color, doesn't it??? I keep taking myself over there to spend another $20 on something cool & tastey. Just give me fruit salad - to hell with cooking steak!

I love my new FISH socks. I'm sure I'm going to love my soon-to-be LADYBUG socks as well. I must, I must, I must cast them on NOW. I'm supposed to be finishing off a year-end & tax return but I'm heading off to knit in front of an old episode of Star Trek. Isn't that a hoot???

I can tell the kids are OUT for the summer. I'm sure the decibel level around here is in the industrial range somedays. I must be getting old . . . . but this is the time of year I dislike my home office the most - the kids are out. You have to understand that I live in a basement suite under a family with 5 kids & no interior insulation. There are two teenaged girls, one tween girl, one 10 year old boy & a little boy of 5 up there. One whines & shrieks loudly; one screams, cries & stomps when she can't get her way & all of them swear like Longshoremen. The girls pick on the oldest boy until he lashes out & breaks things. Mama can't cope & I've offered to go up & clean house a time or two. I count the days till they go back to school & count my blessings when the whole tribe are out for the day!!! What's going on with kids today??? We used to be gone on our bikes from morning till nite when school was out, we used to play outside & DO THINGS. Am I old fashioned or just old?? Maybe I'm just a whiner . . . . .

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