Saturday, July 01, 2006


RAH RAH RAH I'M SO GLAD TO LIVE IN THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!! Any immigrant I know tells me Canadians have the best scenery, the best government, the safest streets & the friendliest people. We, in BC, apparently have the best of EVERYTHING! And thats a lot to be grateful for.

I know a lot of folks are travelling this weekend, in fact, Friday traffic on local streets was positively sparse. Guess they were all sweltering on the freeway . . . its been a very HOT & Dry couple of weeks. My arthritic hands thank the weather gods for that! Since my hands aren't hurting, I intend to spend this long weekend spinning & knitting when I can escape my home office.

My Opal FISH socks are well under way. I couldn't help myself, I had to cast-on one of the three balls I got & I thought FISH looked the most intriguing. Purple, yellow, blue & white - it does indeed look like a tropical fish. The wool is a little coarser than Confetti or Regia but the colors are much nicer, especially the soft, muted colors. I used Jan's heel - I never want to pick up stitches on a flap again!!!

The purple is actually lighter, more of a lavender shade & the narrow stripes are dark blue - but this is the best I can do with my camera phone. Someday, I'll get the cable for my digital camera from the Boytoy & all the real colors will come thru.

Gail gave me some superwash roving in hot acid pink, chocolate brown & brownish pink for my last birthday. I spent last weekend dogsitting & spinning it up in a soft singles yarn a little lighter than a sport weight. I separated the roving into short, thin sections so I could keep long runs of bright color between the shorter sections of blended colors. Not sure what it will become yet but the acidness of the pink really softens nicely when spun up with the chocolate - toooooo yummy!! I may knit it up into a wide lacy wrap or shrug on large needles to snuggle into when I read on the couch this fall. I decided it was a shame to make socks out of it - I'd rather show it off!!

Happy CANADA DAY everyone.

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