Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well . . . . there's nothing like shouting to the world

Yup, I hate those black socks. I guess the font in the previous posting says it all. But, the black socks will be saved by the red toes. Beautiful, blood red toes. On the black dress socks. Ha ha ha hah! My revenge.

I received my Rainforest Opal last nite. The balls look perfectly ordinary although FISH is a little paler that I expected. I can't wait to knit each of them up. I think I'll start with FISH. I have some nice slatey blue Kroy with almost perfectly matches the little bit of blue in the yarn & LADYBUG will get black toes.

I'm dogsitting this weekend so I intend on spending my time knitting socks & spinning. Yeah, Baby!!


Tallguy said...

Oh, black socks are not fun for anyone!! Any dark colour is not good... thank heavens for that riot of colours on the shelves right now! Why would anyone want to knit black sox anyway, when you can go to WM and buy some! LOL...

So why am I working on very dark grey/brown socks? I'm crazy, I know, but why don't I learn??

Sharon in Surrey said...

You won't learn because most people are too chicken to wear the bright socks with a formal suit! Which is why the BoyToy needed black socks. I would've worn the formal suit with FISH socks! And, alas, I have one more pair of the dreaded black socks to knit . . . sob!