Friday, June 16, 2006


Remember the old days folks, I'm talking about the days before computers. Remember how we processed paper, catagorized it, stapled it, mailed it, saved it & filed it?? Neatly. In a LOT of file cabinets & boxes??
Well, I belong to the 'paperless' generation. I'm one of the folks who email, fax, enter onto the computer, efile, telefile & generally do things electronically - I should, I've got all the gadgets in my office. How come I still have boxes & file cabinets full of the same paper I had before the electronic revolution?? It makes me want to go & knit somewhere . . . . .

Tax season is officially over & I'm still tripping over boxes, bags, stacks & bins. I do my work in 8 square inches of desk space. I gotta find a better way . . . . . .

Back to yarn - the Opal is on the way - YESSSSSSSS!! The bras are on the way - in about a month - YESSSSSSSS! Now to wash the doggie hair & start carding & spinning this weekend!!! I'm looking forward to spinning this up & knitting the first sample. I have great hopes for this yarn.
Speaking of carding & spinning - I found a box of Romney roving hidden away in the closet - guess I bought it some time back & forgot it. I have some silk waste that I bought at Fi
breFest & I'm thinking about spreading a little of it on the dark Romney & spinning it up. Just a flash of color in a lovely dark grey yarn . . . . doesn't that sound lovely??

My Opal socks are finished! I can't seem to take a good pic of the Regia striped socks with my camera phone darnit. But Gail likes to flash her digital one around sooooooooo - that one will officially appear next! The Boytoy's new BLACK socks are on the needles but are not progressing quickly. But, as usual, I'll want to knit some Rainforest socks the minute the yarn arrives - next Wednesday - so I have to get these black things knit up quickly. With Red toes. I just have to . . . . its a sickness!

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