Tuesday, June 06, 2006


That muggy wetness has finally lifted from my heart & home. I didn't realize just how warm it was till I went outside & saw some of my plants laying down the side of the pot. It was raining for days so I just assumed all was well my little green friends out there . . . . ooooops, sorry little buddies.

The Opal socks are almost done. I'm trying to decide what color to use for the toes or whether I should add a contrasting toe at all. I really DO like to put on contrasting toes but these socks are already so colorful . . . . so they hang up by my stash of sock yarns while I contemplate the color choices.

In the meantime, the Lord & Master's half knit Confetti socks are being worked on again. He loves the dark blue/white speckled yarn the best so I knit each pair with a different colored toe for contrast. So far he hasn't worn a hole in any of them even though I stopped adding fuzzy nylon to the heels & toes. I found the fuzzy nylon made the heels & toes hard after a while. Here's a pic of his favorite socks - the Lanet toe does pill a little but he's been wearing these for at least a year - once a week - & they're still in good shape.

My hands have been too sore to spin lately - guess I'll be fine when the weather stabilizes. I don't care if its Hot or Cold, just make it DRY!! I want to get my Arvik fleece spun up this summer so I can enjoy her fuzzy warmth in the winter!!

I've been swatching a pattern or two - I want to make the Lightening Lace Jacket from Just One More Row but I'm not sure what yarn I want to knit it up with. I fell in love with some lavender - groan, did I actually say that - baby acrylic. Did the swatch up in some leftover blue/pink I had laying about. This yarn has a sheen to it & a slightly nubbly texture . . . . but does show off the pattern quite nicely. The pattern goes up to a 64" bust, I do believe & could even go higher with a slightly larger needle. This acrylic comes in No Dyelot colors & just may be the answer to something light & lacey for the summer & fall evenings that needs to go in the wash regularly . . . . too bad it only comes in baby colors!! But, I can live with lavender!!

The BoyToy wants dress socks to wear with his suit. He had to go to a function the other day with nylon dress socks & hated them. Seems he's been spoiled with the handknit socks that he's been wearing for the past couple of years & really notices the difference when he's stuck in something with lots of cotton or nylon - he says his feet burn & stay wet all the time. He says his handknits don't really go with his pinstripe suit - he's quite correct in that - he needs black or navy socks. Bloody hell - does he understand what knitting black or navy socks actually means????? Boredom! Blindness! Sigh. Well, I have to admit he looks mighty fine in that suit - I did pick it out after all! So, I'm breaking the rules here folks - I should be beaten - I'll knit two pairs of dress socks for the suit. Its only because of the suit! Really!

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