Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm feeling very frustrated at the moment.
I checked & rechecked the undies drawer & I'm down to my last two tatty bras. I was sure there was another one hidden in the back so I wasn't really in a panic but now, the search is on. In the past, I've always relied on the Sears Discount Store to supply my needs - they have a HUGE selection of catalogue returns, end of the line or just grungy store models to choose from & they don't cost an arm & a leg. They don't carry most of them anymore!!! What is with this?????
Let me explain - I cannot buy off the rack. I almost never could. And when you need a G-cup, it ain't easy. I spent 3 hours trying on bras at Penningtons. I ordered several models from the Sears catalogue & sent them back. I checked out Suzanne Bell's. I phoned the Mastectomy shops. I could not find my size unless I have it 'CUSTOM MADE' at a huge cost.
I was finally reduced to going On-Line to look at bras. I'm giving Decent Exposures in Seattle a try - they make em in ANY SIZE CUP, ANY BAND SIZE!! in WILD COLORS!! With WIDE straps! In breathable fabric!! And they don't cost a fortune!!! I ordered one in Hot Pink & one in Turquoise . . . Oh, puleeeeezzze let them fit!!!

And back to knitting - I've caught the Opal bug.
I've been in love with the Rainforest Collection for some time - Hey, did you know there's more Rainforest colorways coming??? - I keep drooling on my keyboard whenever I check em out. And I found a place locally that sells Opal . . . . & I bought some. I bought Parrot, Fish & Ladybug!!! For ME!! My reward for working hard & having no money all spring.

I've cast on the black superwash Merino for the BoyToy's new dress socks - boy, is black ever boring!! I'm thinking of knitting a little red design at the ankle - do they call it a clocke or cloche???? - just to add some excitement - of course I intend to put a red toe on them . . . . . I can't help it. They're just too boring otherwise . . . . And no one will see the toe in his good shoes . . . . . hahahahaha

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