Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I finally picked up enuf stitches
around that flap to finish the heels from hell.
Even standing under the bright lamp on its highest setting at NOON, I couldn't see the damed stitches. I eventually picked up the flap stitches by guess & by golly. I'd forgotton how ugly that is . . . . . . Man, these socks are not knit with love.
Is there a rule somewhere that says "thou shalt wear dark socks with a dark suit!" Yeah, I know, I could buy them but what do you do when bought socks hurt & burn??

I guess I have to sit down & figure out why my sock grows wider with more increases . . . they should all disappear when I short row that heel. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong!!
But, I've successfully finished the gusset in one sock though & am plowing thru the second. This
Lanett is definitely thicker than Confetti!! And it has much less yardage. Mind you, Lanett's also 100% merino superwash - no nylon to make the feet burn - I wonder how they'll wear???? Thinking about going to Knitopia & checking out her darker yarns - I think a dark patterned sock would work under that suit - and black is going back to the toe bin - I can't knit too many like this!

I haven't even had the time to card my doggie hair & wool for spinning but I should have a day off by Thursday & hopefully the weatherman will cooperate. Ain't no way I'm carding that fluff indoors!! I intend to set up my operation outside where the excess can 'blow in the wind' instead of in my house - the cat is not too happy about that bag as it is . . . . . Is it my imagination or are we getting LESS sunshine so far this year????

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