Sunday, November 26, 2006

And I was Complaining About the RAIN???

Winter has officially arrived in the Lower Mainland. It snowed off & on here & there all day but decided to come down with a vengence last night so the BT & I headed off to the UBrew to bottle our last can of homemade beer! Well, if you're gonna be snowed in . . . . . but I was quite surprised to open the door this morning to about 6 inches of the white stuff. The cat rushed outside, smelled the stuff, dipped in one paw & reversed into the house! I agree with her. At least the car will get a well deserved wash! The neighbor's kids have cleaned off the fence to build a snowfort but left my drive untouched!! Drat! I considered shovelling it but the snow is still falling fairly heavily & who wants to do it twice?? I do sweep the car off regularly so it doesn't get buried under the ice!!

So what am I doing while the snow is falling down??? Well, I'm almost finished the Indian Sweater I'm knitting for my homeless gal. One arm almost done & the other down about half way until my wrists started hollering. This is not a really good pic because its just too bright outside with all that snow but it has a split front from the dark yoke to the neck & will sport a hood on the top & a secret pocket on the inside when I'm done. Its large but thats what the recipient asked for! I hope it keeps her nice & warm this winter.

I dug out the wool sweater jacket I started last winter. Since I have to retire my favorite ratty old sweater, I want another one out of wool!!! I'm knitting it out of Raspberry 'Dalesman' wool from Birkeland Bros in Vancouver. Apparently they had this spun in New Zealand & dyed to their specifications. I loved the color when I first set eyes on it!!! I look my best in blued pinks & reds like Watermelon, Raspberry & Fuschia which are really hard to find. I must have 20 of the 200gm skeins of this color in my stash!!! The color is kind of garish in this pic because of the light reflection off the snow outside . . . not enough light inside!

The jacket pattern is The Moss Stitch Blazer from the BIG KNITS book by Soudan & French. I knit it up years ago in a raspberry acrylic yarn which ended up stretching out of shape rather quickly. It's become ratty, droopy & totally derelict looking but I still curl up in it because I love the color!! So, I'm getting off my duff & knitting up the replacement in wool. The pattern is a double moss stitch, the sweater has two patch pockets & a long roll collar/front. Its the most comfortable sweater & the style is really nice on a large, round body.
I still have Ginny's Sweater to finish - that's the one with the deep V in front & back with recycled yarns & I'm spinning up my Arvik fleece like mad so I can get a light but warm handspun sweater on the go . . . Yes dammit, its all about ME for a change.

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