Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Sick of Socks

Did I actually admit to that?? You betcha!!
After completing the thick, alpaca/shetland, handspun socks, my hands hurt like hell. They ache. The knuckles on my thumbs burn & the base of my fingers feel swollen. And I still have a Cowichan style sweater to finish. On large needles. Grrrrr. But, here's the finished diving socks leaning up against the remainder of a hanging basket - I think some of this stuff is perennial!! Who knows, maybe the survivors will end up in a new hanging basket come the spring.

And on to sock #24 - I've turned the heels & am about halfway down the instep on both of them at this point. They're nice & bright & cheerful - something we really need around the Soggy Lower Mainland these days!!! Since its still raining, the only variation in the weather these days seems to be the intensity & direction of the rainfall - is it falling down or blowing horizontally!!!
I've included a snap of something neat I found out in the garden when I went to shoot the socks for this blog - this little planter that I found almost dead in the heat of the summer, has been nursed back to health! Is that a little purple flower I see in the top, right hand corner??? In this weather??? I guess its happy!! And its nice to see something alive & blooming in the garden right now.

As soon as Socks #24 are finished, I have to get it in gear & knit some 'manly' socks for Christmas & two pairs of Frankensocks as gifts. Lucky for me, I have lots of bright leftovers including the bright pink & blue Confetti from socks #24. I'm thinking about knitting one pair with hot pink as the binder color with all the bits with pinks, blues & purples & the other with red as the binder with all the leftovers containing anything with red in it! Makes knitting socks exciting & fun!!

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