Monday, November 27, 2006

Winter Wonderland

This is the view outside my front door!! Half the town stayed home, the schools are closed in Surrey & it looks like more snow on the horizon. It also looks like good weather to knit! And spin!

I should be working . . . . But, since half the town is shut down, the place where I normally work is in an industrial park on a side road & my car doors are frozen shut, I'm better off staying home . . . . . Apparently the RCMP are asking us to stay home where we're safe, warm & off the skating rink out there. And I guess I'll be home tomorrow too since I normally travel 40 minutes across two bridges to get there.
AWWWWWWW Gee, that's just too bad for me . . . .

I dug out Ginny's sweater last nite & knit down to the cuff ribbing on one of the sleeves. The body is finished to just below the hip & I only have to pick up & knit in the side triangles that fill in the deep indent between the front & back deep Vs. I'm contemplating a double seed stitch band on the bottom & may end up crocheting a row or two along the front edge & neck with the main deep violet yarn.
Someday, I'll learn more about light & pictures!!! This sweater is actually a deep bluey purple where it looks maroon & the light pink stripes are actually light bluey purple . . . . not pink!! But you get the idea of the striping. Its very flattering & uses up all kinds of leftovers . . . . . If I get it in gear, I may just have a sweater to wear this winter!!! And the cat will finally get the ratty old raspberry sweater that I've been wearing.

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