Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ohhhh, my aching Fingers!

I've been knitting socks l
ike crazy. I needed several pairs of socks for Christmas. Not that I'm into Christmas at all but I do have several people I give gifts to because they're close to me & THEY celebrate, I DO donate to people who have very little & there's always an orphan or two who never expects to get ANYTHING from ANYONE . . . And I have a soft head to go with the heart!! And just look at these really fun Christmas tins I found at the Dollar Store??? I just loved them when I saw them. They're big enough for a pair of socks & a washcloth. The tree or the bell have enough room for a soap too.

So, I've been knitting socks like mad. As soon as one pair comes off the needles, another gets cast on. These socks are for the BT's DAD for Christmas. The BT says they look a little like Norwegian socks so his dad will probably love them. The yarn is Elann's "Sock it to Me" & some people think it's a little thin. I've found it knits up very much like Confetti & has almost as much yardage. The colorways are not as extensive as some but I liked this one very much & bought it in several shades.
There are times I wonder why I even bother to do this but every time I sew a toe together, I fall in love with anothe
r pair of socks. I love the smallness of the project. I love the wildness of the yarns. I also love the fact that I am one of the few people who actually KNIT socks - we're still rare birds even though more people are making them every year!! If only I could get this excited about knitting sweaters for myself . . . .

I've spent the whole morning banging my head against the wall trying to get Flickr to show my latest picture
s. Without Flickr, I have no way to post my pictures on Ravelry. Flickr accepts my uploads. It even shows my pictures in the SlideShow but won't let them appear on the site for me to slide them over to Ravelry. What's with this??? Some of the pictures already on Ravelry have even disappeared from my Project area. Why?? I have no bloody idea. Flickr has labelled me a "SAFE" site. I've exposed all my pictures to the world - not that most of it even wants to look - but I am still blocked. Grrrrrrr . . . . I suspect it's all a ploy by Microsoft to make us PAY to store photos! So, this is the only place you will be able to see my projects in pictures - enjoy.

The BT's mother's wild socks are finished!! This is the wild Kroy yarn th
at I got from my knitting pal, Karen. It feels thicker than some of the yarns we're using these days so they should be warmer on her feet this winter. She likes the wilder colors & this one makes your eyes water if you look at it too long!! The only problem with Kroy that I can see is that the darned stuff splits as you knit. Maybe this is just me, but I was constantly fixing stitches that were partially caught. I can normally read or watch tv without looking at the straight knit parts of the sock & really hate it when I have to watch my stitches!!

The Last Splotchy Confetti socks so beloved by the BT are done. I've looked everywhere & can't find any more of this in dark blue or black. He must have 10 pairs with different colored toes by now. IF he gets any more socks, they'll be in wilder colorways whether he likes it or not!! If he doesn't, then the EX is always available to take anything I'm willing to knit!!!

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