Thursday, February 26, 2009

What was THAT???

I looked out the workroom window yesterday to SNOW. I couldn't believe my eyes! Huge chunks, the size of coffee cups were falling out of the sky. Now I'd heard there was a snow warning for the mountain passes & HIGHER elevations - read North Shore Mountains - but nothing for us in town. Then it started coming down. And here I was, on the weekend, pruning bushes, pulling dead tops & generally grubbing in the ground & thinking about planting pole beans!!! If the fuchsias survived winter in the box against the house, this last blast will surely do them in since I watered the ferns in the dry dry box . . . .

The Wednesday Nite Nitters called back & forth about the snow & in the end, decided to go Knitting anyway since the snow had stopped, the roads were wet & we just damnwell wanted to knit! Three hours later, we came out to snow covered roads - we didn't realize the snow had continued to fall & the smart people left at 9:00! Yeah, I slid around a corner or two, had a small fright at an intersection when someone else couldn't stop & realized the smart people had stayed home!!! Looking out the window this morning isn't an improvement. While it
isn't snowing - YET, the sky is that leaden grey that says "I'm gonna shit all over you" if you venture out. The roads are icy, I have two payrolls to do & I need to head to Langley. I really, really don't want to go out there today.

Still knitting as fast as I can on my Moss Stitch Blazer. Got the second front just about to the armhole decrease. I can see I'll be needing it if this weather keeps up.

I was in the Garn Studio site the other day & they have the Spring & Sum
mer patterns up already. I found a pattern in the Fall collection that I really like though - its Drops 112-28. It's a scoop neck, three quarter sleeve, front button jacket knit in a bulkier yarn - they recommend ICE - which I've never seen! So, the gauge is 11 x 15 to get 4" on 8mm needles. I'll have to swatch it but it may be a candidate for the Marble yarn I already have - see last blog for the swatch. I think the Briggs & Little is too fine as a single & too heavy doubled. But, who knows. If winter hangs around, I may end up with an indian sweater!!

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