Sunday, February 01, 2009

I spoke too soon!!

I got up this AM to more of the white stuff falling from the sky! Unbelievable! And here I was so sure spring was on the way that I pruned back the clematis the other day & found sprouts on it already.
Why did I prune
the clematis you ask?? Well, the first year I got it, it had been languishing in a plastic bag in the side yard of an elderly couple's yard for several months & trying to bloom. They decided to plant roses where the glorious clematis once lived but couldn't throw it out. No one had come to get it so it got tossed into my van one day when I left it unlocked in the drive. Their son said of course I'd take it. So I pruned it hard & let it come up again. The first year I had blooms the size of bread plates. The second year they were smaller but more numerous. Last year, they were few, spindly & small. So, I pruned it back hard again this year. Hopefully, they will come back strong & beautiful after I toss in a little well rotted manure to keep them happy.

So besides gardening, what's been going on? Well, not much. Tax season is rapidly approaching so I've been filling cartridges, buying paper & clearing out the stuff still on the desk. I've even had a chance to look at the Lap Top I've repossessed. Once. I may fill it with Audio Books & my music when I learn how to operate Vista. And I started a new pair of socks.

My mother, to whom I talk once a month or so now, said her feet are always cold these days. Well, she is 75 this year . . . I decided I should knit her some socks since everyone else around here except the Ex has them . . . . and knowing she likes the darker hues, I bought some extra balls in the discount bin at Knitopia. One of the colors was mostly white with some rusty orange & a little blue in it. A little strange, I thought, but it's in the SALE bin so what the hell! And this is what I got when I started to knit. Kind of interesting, eh?? The orange is a little weird in the mix of light blue, white & a little hint of blueish purple, but I think she'll like it okay. I'm knitting this on my fav handmade - by me - bamboo skewers, in size 2.5mm. Mom needs a looser fit for her big calves & ankles that swell so I've used 72 stitches & I'll use the Queen Kahuna heel of course. I have a blue stripey pair left over from Christmas done on the same needles which should fit my mother & I'll probably knit one more pair before sending them off. Three pairs should keep her warm for a while & give me time to knit a couple of pairs for the Ex in the next few months. HIS socks will be a challenge.

So I've turned the heels on both of the socks for the "Special Someone" socks. Since I'm not absolutely sure of the
size, I'm making them a Ladies Large & they can be thrown into the dryer to shrink them a little if necessary. If there's something good on tv tonite, I'm hoping to have them finished or ready to finish tomorrow. I think they'll get dark blue toes!! It seems that no matter HOW I photograph these socks, they always look a little blurry! Dunno why. Maybe they'll turn out better when I can photograph them OUTSIDE.

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