Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its all gone!

The snow that made the roads so very treacherous Tuesday morning is now just a memory. Well, there's just a tad left on the roof of the shed next door but that's about it. Now that's snow I can deal with . . . the only remains of our nasty White Christmas are piled along roadsides & in parking lots - in most Handicapped stalls - & will probably still be with us till Easter unless we get some really warm weather or a lot of rain. As long as the heater in my car works, I just don't care!

Speaking of my car, I have an Oil Light indicator with an audible DING. It rings constantly since the mechanic put the new thermostat in my car. Now heat is really good when there's ice & snow so I'm not willing to give up the thermostat but that damned DINGER is driving me crazy. If I crank up the Country music, it drowns out the Dinger but you sure can't have a conversation with a passenger. So yesterday, the mechanic made a House Call. Took him an hour & a half to take apart the dash in my car before he admitted he couldn't find the DINGER wire to snip it. Oh he could hear that damned thing but couldn't find the source. Oh, said I, do you want me to find the wiring diagram on the computer for you?? So I looked it up & printed it off. The COMPUTER in the car controls the DINGER. Shit. Took him an hour to put the dash back together & we have two screws left over.

I had a little meltdown the other day when my phone rang to tell me I had a message waiting. Now, my phone doesn't always TELL me right away when I have messages so I wondered who had called - I mean it's not like I can even hear it in the car. Turns out it was the message the BT left me just before Christmas that caused me to give us BOTH a Merry Christmas. Seems I hadn't erased it. It came calling again to boot me in the ass & I lost it.

So with the message, the dinger & the useless housecall, my week isn't shaping up really well. So I went out yesterday afternoon & bought the biggest bottle of Carolans I could find!! And had a nice shot of Irish Creme Liqueur in my tea to make it all better. Sigh, I need a NEW BT . . . .

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