Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here we go again

The weatherman said "flurries"! Well, it wasn't flurries this morning when my ink cartridge ran out & left me with nothing but blank sheets & estimate forms to print. I had no choice in the matter, I had to go out into the snow & get my cartridges filled. The roads were NOT nice so when I slid into the Safeway, I moved my Dentist appointment from later this afternoon to tomorrow afternoon!! The weatherman promised rain by then!! And, by the time I got a few things, learned how to use the Automatic Checkout - Hey, no more line-ups!!! - & got back to my car, the temperature had gone up enough that the roads were all bare & wet!!! In one hour!! Hah!

I don't know what's going on anymore . . . . .

I've finished my new socks! I really like this yarn. It's a little thicker than my usual Confetti or Regia & feels really nice now that it's knitted up. I think I'll enjoy wearing them. Even if they're not my usual style.

And I've turned the heel on the first sock
for the 'Someone Special' socks. Th
e other one is in progress as I type & I've been contemplating toe colors. I may make them navy because I don't have any light blue or tan. I think I remember when Gail knitted this up for herself - she was looking all over town for the same tannish, rusty brown for toes for her socks. I think she ended up using the navy in the end too. We'll see how it goes when I get to the toes.

Today was definitely a soup day. I decided while in Safeway that it should be a Corn Chowder day. I found THREE bags of frozen corn in the freezer - yeah, more leftovers from my 'shopping for two' days. So Corn Chowder it is. I found some fresh Chorizo sausage, sometimes I use Mennonite smoked Turkey sausage & sometimes leftover ham. I bought red & yellow potatoes & a couple of yams too. I brown the sausage, throw in some chopped onion, 4 cups of chicken broth if I have it or water if I don't, the spuds & yams in small chunks, fresh ground pepper & let the whole thing simmer for a couple of hours. I put in a couple of cups of milk & enough instant mashed potato flakes to thicken it a little when the spuds are done. Put on the top & let it sit on warm. It goes down very nicely with any kind of crusty bread or even warm pitas & tastes even better the second day. Often I use the same basic recipe for seafood chowder but cook the spuds & yams in chicken broth with smoked fish first & then add the remainder of the cut up fish & prawns to cook in the hot liquid when I let it sit. Cheap, filling & tasty. Warms you up after shoveling snow, raking leaves or walking the pooch. I may even share some of it with my Ex who seems to be always underfoot these days . . . .

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Joanne said...

The soup sounds delicious! I'll be right over... :)

Thanks for your reassuring comment about the workshop...I am dutiful and usually try to finish things, so choosing to bail was hard for me. Do you attend writing workshops? I didn't really have enough experience to determine whether it was a "bad" one or whether I'm just not cut out for them at this point in my life. I can say I'm not all that patient with teachers who aren't at all creative. Lecturing can get old! Thanks so much for your thoughts though, I appreciate it!