Friday, January 02, 2009

No resolutions . . . .

So, the drive is still under the last layer of snow - I kept hoping for more rain but it never actually came. I see flurries of small flakes against the dark trees out there & just a hint of blue sky over in the west - could there be sunshine on the way???? Oh the cat will be pleased - she's just not happy with all that white stuff out there & quite frankly, I want it gone ASAP too. I think the longer I stay snowed in, the tougher the getting out will be. So I guess I have to go & shovel the new snow away & start up the van. The tires are probably frozen into shape by now!! The weather forecast is for lots of rain on the weekend - it's going to warm up to 7 degrees by Monday apparently. Yipee!!!! I will not complain about rain, I will not complain about rain, I will not . . . .

I heard via the Grapevine that the BT may be released from Rehab next week. His landlord called me to say the Social Worker was inspecting the apartment this coming week to see what equipment he'd need, how accessible it is etc. He thinks the BT will end up having to move because it's just not accessible- especially now, in the snow. I hope they persuade him to move, I'm not sure I can deal with the updates & gossip from my friend, the Landlord.

I finished the UGLY socks I've been meaning to knit for the fella who fished the keys out of my locked van!! I knit "manly" socks for him although I'm sure he'd wear anything handknit. He lives in overalls you see. LOL I got this yarn figuring it would co-ordinate with the tan overalls! Here they are looking much bluer than they actually are in reality! They're a much muddier greyish blue than this.

After some adjusting & fiddling, the hood on the Carpenter Wallaby is finally in progress!! The darned sweater is very heavy at this point & try as I may, I cannot get the whole thing in a photo!! I'll finish the hood, get the Carpenter to put it on & then take the picture!! It's very nice to knit a sweater all-in-one-piece but wow, does it place a lot of weight on the wrists & hands as you knit! I admit most of the sweater lies in my lap as I use circs, I'm constantly picking it up & untwisting the whole sweater after a couple of times around. But I think it's going to look lovely on the guy in the end!

So what's ne
xt?? Well, Ginny has to be finished. And then Arvik. I don't want to start on another project, other than socks, till they're finished & on my back! Oh, and there's another sweater in Raspberry wool that's partially done. I believe it's my fav ratty old sweater pattern done in wool this time. One front & the whole back is already done.
And then there's that huge afghan-in-progress in blues & greys. It got so big
& heavy, I had to abandon it when my hands got too sore last spring. It was to have been the BTs new housewarming gift. I have to figure out what to do with it now because I don't think we'll ever be able to be friends again.
Finally, there's a big basket of squares waiting to be sewed together. The Wednesday Nite Nitters helped me knit them. We intended to make afghans for a local charity. Someone just gave me another big bag of acrylic yarn so I'm thinking about knitting more squares or even strips to add to the basket to make afghans. I just found a Shelter in Newton that houses people trying to put their lives back together. They're always looking for donations to help get their clients get back on their feet. Maybe I'll adopt the place . . . .

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