Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have you ever had a Digging Party??

We're several days later & the drive still isn't dug. It seems to just lay there & look smug. So I started digging it out. Bloody awful job. 10 minutes & I'm out of breath. So I pour myself a cup of tea, sit outside, rest & dig some more. I did this for a couple of days until my right shoulder started to really give me hell. Both days I came in & took a couple of aspirin & a nap after all that work. Yesterday, my techie buddies Steve & Kelly called to see if I wanted to go for coffee at Starbucks. Yessiree I wanted to go - haven't been out in almost two weeks except the Tuesday before Christmas to go to work. But, the boys can't come & get me - they're in Kelly's Smart Car - 600 lbs in the 500 lb car!! Steve's truck is broken down & I can't get out. SOB. So I suggested we have a digging party the next day. They said SURE!! Gawd I love those boys!!!!
Yesterday, Kelly arrives with the shovel. Apparently there's only room in the Smart Car for Steve or the shovel. Kelly brought the shovel. Not much of a Smart Car in MY humble opinion . . . . .
So we dug out the remainder of the drive. And then we chipped away at the frozen ruts in the alley to free up the flood water forming the lake at the end of my drive. While resting with a hot tea after our exertions - the last of the Baileys in mine, a gale-force wind blew up with swirling, blinding snow!! Kelly grabbed his shovel & got his Smart Car out of here before he got stuck.

This morning I decided to check out the lake at the foot of the drive. It's now a frozen lake. And I still can't get out!

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