Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

To whom it may concern in the weather department, Christmas is OVER! Cut the white stuff already!!

There was no point in shoveling my drive other than to get the Van back in the other day because there's now 14 & a bit inches on it again. This time, instead of being light & fluffy, it's heavy & wet! And it's been snowing on & off for three days now. The neighbors across the alley keep shoveling their driveway but they can't get out of the alley!! And then they keep digging out their portion of the alley to get back in the drive again. Our side streets are so bad that no one's getting out tomorrow unless it rains a whole bunch tonite.

The cat is furious with me. She whines at the door to go out, finds the same white crap & whines to get back in. She sits in the window flipping the venetian blinds until I open it up & then refuses to go out when the first paw sinks into it. We repeat this performance several times a day till she curls up in my handspun, hand dyed, hand knit shawl for another nap. I really don't blame her. I'm getting a little stir-crazy myself.

Me?? Well, I've been cursing the Carpenter Wallaby again. I found another error in the garter trim for the neck opening. You can tell I'm slightly crazed by the stupid errors I'm making! Anyway, I decided I was NOT going to Frog that part of the yoke AGAIN. I mean it's only 10 crummy stitches after all, right??? So I picked out the stitches down many rows to change a knit into a purl & then alternate my way back up. Took an hour or so to correct & it crossed both my eyes in the process. The guy who's getting this thing would never have known there was a mistake. But I would. My eyes would go straight to that place every time I saw him in that sweater. And it would drive me nutz. So I fixed it.

So, I'm working on a year end & corporate tax return today & I find I've run out of paper!!! I can't believe it. I buy paper by the box!! I have two boxes of tractor paper for the old printer but no ribbons & extra cartridges for the Laser but no damned paper . . . so what's with this??? Am I getting a kick in the a** for fighting at Christmas???

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Louisa said...

I'm with you on the Too Much Snow! Enough is enough. It's a total sloppy mess! I'm staying home.

Sorry to hear about the fight with the BT. Could be his continuing illness and a lot of frustration on both sides. There is no such thing as words that can't be taken back or at least apologised for if necessary. You have to want to badly enough to suck it up and do it though. On the other hand if things aren't working now and you can't imagine them working in the future, maybe it's for the best. Only you can decide which it is.

All the best, honey! Big hugs. You need them!