Friday, December 19, 2008

Flu Season is Officially Here!

I'm sure glad I read the Yarn Harlot! With all the truly hilarious goin
gs-on in HER house, it somehow makes mine feel normal.

The BT is really sick with this dreadful flu & is now hooked up to an oxygen tank. Although he's feeling a little better for the first time in a wee
k & actually able to talk tonite, even he agreed that it's a GOOD thing he's in the hospital right now!! There's also no more debate about going home for Christmas, he'll be celebrating in hospital this year!! Apparently FIVE other patients are also down with this flu & it isn't pretty on the ward! Some of them, the BT included, are flirting with pneumonia. So,if you haven't had the time to get your flu shot - get it NOW. This one is nasty.

I started the week with sneezes
, an occasional cough & runny eyes. I am now getting the headache, aching bones & sore throat, dammit! I thought I'd avoid all this & stayed away from everyone, including the hospital on purpose - but I guess it's now MY Turn. And NO, I didn't bother with a flu shot either!!

I did manage to get out yesterday fill up the car with Winter window washer, topped up the rad & swept the snow off the drive. I don't know why the neighbors bothered to SHOVEL - I swept mine with the stiff bristle broom that stays outside! It's hilarious to see the trail of white footsteps leading to the garbage can where I walked before I swept. I hope they freeze & stay all winter!!!

So, I'm getting lots of knitting done! I'm finishing off the toes to my purple Frankensocks. I found four little balls of purple patterned yarn in the leftover box & one of solid purple Sisu so I thought I'd knit it all up for fun. I like the purple socks so much that I've decided to knit some purple fingerless gloves!! I used the Knitty pattern, Spirogyra, to knit up some grey handspun fingerless gloves which I really liked. My EX is now wearing them!! He bought me breakfast one morning & complained about how cold it is doing things outside even when he wears gloves. So I had him try on the fingerless ones & he wore them home. Gives me the excuse to knit some new ones in that purple Merino & silk blend from Aurelia that I spun up a couple of years ago. There wasn't enough to make anything big & I'm not a scarf person but there certainly is enough to knit LONG fingerless Spirogyras!!!

Time to find the Bailey's & add it to a big, steaming mug of Tea & kick this bug into hell!!


Silk said...

Hope you are feeling okay...have you tried "cold FX'. Larry had a cold just before the retreat and that was the last thing i needed, so i tried the "fx" stuff and didn't get a cold, then i spent a nite and a day with a friend with a cold and again tried the "FX" and again didn't get a it has become my new best friend... hugs

Sharon in Surrey said...

Hmmmm . . . I'll have to try that stuff. Usually I can avoid all this by washing my hands constantly but sometimes nothing works . . . except Baileys.