Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I woke up yesterday to dinner plate sized snow flakes & that puffy grey sky that lets you know WINTER has arrived. And it was payroll day. Drat! I now had to spend my day running thru the snow flakes, frozen rain, slush puddles & roofline drips with papers in my hands. And I have no winter tires on my car . . . Now, last summer, the BT & I both bought new-to-us cars. We ended up swapping said
cars but I kept the new winter mud & snow tires that were in the trunk of my original car. Lovely tires. I stashed them out at the mechanic's place & really didn't think another thing about them. Last Saturday I went out to change the thermostat & put on the tires. WRONG. Neither of us had bothered to check them . . . . . I needed 14" tires & they, sadly, are 15". And won't fit. How stupid can you get?? Pretty basic eh?? And I can't find a winter or snow tire in this town to fit my car. Apparently Quebec changed it's laws to make snow tires mandatory & the Province sucked up every snow tire that could be found in the country! My only compensation is that I know people with tow trucks & tire stores. They're all looking for some good used tires for me - hopefully I'll find some before spring. But, I'll take them anyway.

I've actually done some knitting on Arvik. Both arms are done to the elbow. I was going to make them three quarter sleeves but now I'm not sure. I'll knit them both to about three quarter sleeves, put the sleeves on the holders & finish the body before I decid
e. I do need a sweater for work & Arvik would sure fit the bill for a light throw on. Ginny, on the other hand, is a heavier sweater in a worsted weight washable wool. It's actually the one I SHOULD be finishing since it's all done but the trim! But first things first. I mostly need a light sweater that's not too warm for indoors or running to & from the car. So, I'm finishing Arvik first. I intend to spend my Christmas knitting, spinning & finishing up work that's been on the desk for months.

Speaking of all things Christmas - my Christmas cactus & the Crab cactus are blooming their little hearts out - see above - have been for two weeks now since I took pity on them & brought them indoors! Hint - they spend all late spring to late fall outside under the patio table!

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