Monday, December 22, 2008

And it snowed some more

A nice dump of snow was had by all last nite!! I got another 11" of snow on top of the snow already in the drive this morning. Now, it's been the light, dry & kind of fun type of snow so I didn't shovel the 5" I already had on the drive . . . . I swept
a path instead with my outdoor broom to the van & drove away the other day. I have a van, who needs to shovel??? Well, I guess I do now - I have to do a payroll tomorrow down in Langley. Oooops.

The cat whined & flipped the venetian blinds until I wanted to choke her this morning because she wanted ooooooooooooout!! So I let her out. She ran outside, jumped after a bird & got buried up to her neck & tail. And froze. The only thing sticking out was a head & tail!! I didn't have my camera handy darnit but I sure did laugh!! She came back thru the door twice as fast as she flew out. I just know She blames me for the situation - after all, I'm in charge of the weather. This is the view outside her window where she lays.

So what have I been doing
whilst stuck inside?? Why, knitting of course! I finished the toes on the
purple socks. They look great. You'd never know that they came from different balls of yarn unless you look for all the tucked in ends inside . . . .

And I've got the Carpenter Wallaby all on one circ now & decreasing towards the neckline. The first few rows after the arms & body are joined are a
wkward & stiff but once you knit a few rows, it all gets better! This fella has really long arms & body so I've got a lot more sweater on the needles than I would have normally but I'm thinking this will look great on the kid. He's also asked for an earflap hat to go with it & I may just make it a balaclava while I'm at it. I saw one on Knitty that covers all but the eyes - made for skiing - & it should make a Carpenter's life a little better outside!

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