Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Did I SAY that???

I think I cursed all the celebrations for Wednesday nite! I was supposed to go to a company Christmas dinner tonite & take the BT with me. He's sick as a dog with a flu bug & can barely breathe. I'm getting something nasty that's making me cough, wheeze
& sneeze & we've had enough snow in 8 hours to create havoc all over the Lower Mainland!! Between the deep freeze temperatures & the dump of snow, even the cat won't go outside. Did I say Let it Snow??? Oooops.

One thing about being stuck inside all day is that I'm finishing off my purple Frankensocks. They're not for anyone in particular & may even wind up in MY sock drawer but it's always smart to have a couple of extra gifts on hand - Just in Case!

I took a couple of pictures around noon - my car was already covered in snow & it was just starting to really come down in very large flakes & the wind was starting to blow again. I'm so glad to be indoors with the cat, with a pot of chicken soup on the simmer & a big mug of tea in my hand. Now where did I leave the Bailey's . . . . .


Lynne said...

I'll trade you straight across the board, -42 is forecast for tonight, already down to -28 and dropping fast. Yeehaw. Woolies all around.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrr . . . . I'll take the cold but will you take the watering eyes, the cough, the wheeze, the sneeze & the BT???