Monday, December 01, 2008

Wool Weather

Prince Rupert weather came calling the past couple of days. We've had that cold misty rain that doesn't look like much but soaks you thru to your skin quickly while you load groceries or stand outside to chat with a neighbor for a moment or two. It's the stuff that keeps the Rain Forest alive & well on the Pacific West Coast but it's hell for the creatures who don't grow a warm waterproof coat. It's definitely WOOL weather.

I picked up the BT at the new Surrey Rehab Unit on
Saturday after lunch & spent the rest of the afternoon getting soaked. In the time it took to unload the wheelchair, wheel it to his door, let him transfer & wheel him indoors, I got soaked. After three ins & outs, he decided to stay in the van while I got take-out to eat in the van to save me another soaking . . . . He likes the new Unit although he's the youngest person there again. Very high tech with all the conveniences built right in. And they have Specialists on call for everything. Within 24 hours of finding a problem, they have a Specialist in to check things out & order tests. Rehab patients get priority testing & fixing. WOW.

So I came home tired & wet after being out for the afternoon. It takes a lot of energy to haul that wheelchair in & out & push a 240lb
man uphill most of the time!! He was also tired from his first three days in the new unit & was blessing the Gods who give Rehab patients the weekend off to rest! It's times like these that I really miss the old wood stove, but I managed to get warm with the fish chowder I'd made the day before. And I got thinking about the three WOOL sweaters I have, partially finished, for MOI. Yeah, polar fleece works but it sure doesn't keep you warm when it's wet. Wool sure does. I have half a livingroom full of wool & no sweaters for me. Sort of like the Mechanic who drives the worst car in the neighborhood???? So, my Christmas socks are almost finished - toes to do for the BT's dad & toes to do on my Secret Santa project . . . . . . .

emember Ginny??? And Arvik?? Well, Ginny's actually finished except for the edging. I have to pick up stitches down the fronts, across the bottom & back up around the neck & knit some sort of finish stitch. And then I can wear it. I just looked at all those stitches I had to pick up & cast-on for another sock . . . . And Arvik? Well, it's in the top photo & I haven't progressed beyond what you see. Arvik is next on the agenda - probably my Christmas knitting, so there! How do you spell procrastinate???

The Secret Santa socks have their heels turned & are on the home stretch to the toes. I've ended up with only two patterned yarns with the pink & the black somehow. Not sure if I should add a third color or not at this time but I'll knit a little more & then decide what to do. One thing's sure, these are plenty bright & wild just as they are so my Giftee should love them. Just a second shot of them from the heel - don't you love the way the patterned yarn turned out??


spinquilt said...

Love the socks. Did you say you finished one of your sweaters?????????

Sharon in Surrey said...

Ginny has been finished except for the trim around the neck, down the fronts & across the bottom for ages. Just have to pick up 1017 stitches & finish the edge trim.