Thursday, December 25, 2008

So this is Christmas . .

There's nothing like starting out with a big knock em down, drag em out, teeth & bare knuckles fight with your long term bud for Christmas! We did & I did. And the ugly elephant has been acknowledged & flayed alive with even uglier words. This time I crossed the line & said things that can't be taken back. So how come I feel so rotten?? My gut's in a knot & I feel like hell. I suppose you have to go thru withdrawl before you cure the addiction. And it seems I've given the BT the boot . . . .

So, after everything else had turned to sh*t, I discovered I'd made a mistake in the yoke of the Carpenter sweater that I finished yesterday! I forgot I made the size medium sleeves on the size large body & the whole thing looked really short when I got to the end of the yoke decreases. I tossed it on the couch
in disgust last nite & went to bed! And woke up in the middle of the nite with a possible solution!! Amazing what your brain does while you sleep, isn't it?? This morning, I worked out the mistake - I needed another 20 decrease stitches which would make the yoke at least 10 rows bigger!!! So I ripped out the whole yoke first thing & have spent most of the afternoon redoing the thing, adjusting for the missing 20 stitches. It's already looking a whole lot better & I'm just about ready to start the hood. Whew!! At least something worked out today. I didn't feel like being nice to anyone today so I watched the Star Trekalong on the Science Fiction Channel while more snow fell & knit instead.

I did hear from my favorite niece today, miracle of miracles, so I'm very glad I stayed home!! She's in the RCMP & last summer passed both her Corporal & Sergeant's exams in one week!! I was thrilled. After passing the exams, she figured she'd have to take a wilderness posting for a couple of years in order to get promoted but didn't want to leave her current project. She called to tell me she just had her 40th birthday & had been promoted to Corporal without the move! OMG - I can't believe it!! Good news!!! I still remember her as all knees & elbows, long hair & rollerskates!! I just can't believe the time went by so fast . . . .

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