Friday, January 16, 2009

What's with all this FOG??

First we get snow, then it rains too much & now it's FOG??? Whatinhell's going on with our weather?? I did NOT have a good time driving home last nite from across town through the dark & fog! One at a time is enough, thanx!!

So I took my Ex out for breakfast this morning. I bought a box of frozen chicken breasts on sale the other nite & couldn't get them in the freezer when I got home. I'd forgotten that I'd picked up 10 loaves of Healthy bread on sale for the BT a while back & intended to stuff them into the freezer of his fridge before he got home. Sort of like all the juice & canned stuff I bought on sale over the last three months which were supposed to go there too . . . . anyway - I had to take out the bread to get the chicken in - you know where MY priorities are!! So I have 8 loaves that need a home. I thought about abandoning them at the nearest shelter but a couple of phone calls later, I found homes for them. My Ex volunteered to adopt a couple of loaves to go with the Hamburger Soup I made - hence the breakfast meeting!
So, while at breakfast he asks me how I'm doing without my 'friend'. I told him I'm doing just fine. He's still doesn't quite believe that we've parted company permanently. And he doesn't want to upset me by badmouthing the guy, dancing on the table or cheering out loud - but I can tell he's thrilled. And, he's up to something. So, he asks about my future plans. Well, I mention that I should finish those last two courses that I haven't been able to afford. And that I want to get that new spinning wheel I've had on Lay-a-way since last spring but haven't been able to afford. And that I'm inquiring about a job in Bella Bella that pays a salary & offers free accommodation & moving expenses. I certainly wouldn't run into the BT in Bella Bella now, would I???
The Ex asks how much the spinning wheel costs. About $800 I say. Which is why it's still on Lay-a-way!!! He offers to pay the balance. Oh, & could he please have some socks too.
Holy Crap.

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Louisa said...

Whoo-hoo! You finally get your wheel! So remind me again why you divorced this one? Just kidding. That will be a lot of sock knitting, huh?