Saturday, January 24, 2009

What happened???

So where'd the sunshine go?? The fog went with it. We're back to that steel grey sky again - does this mean we'll actually get those snow flurries today???? OMG.

The cat is curled up in a ball on her Christmas blankey with the paw prints on it on her shelf on the window ledge. She twitches & gives out with a moaning sigh every so often. I wonder what cats dream of? Chasing birds?? Mice?? Raccoons? Eating? I know mine chases everything out of the yard & likes eating cheese & chips. She'll take a chunk out of your leg if you don't give her a piece of shrimp chip!! Or she'll sneak a drink out of your glass of milk if you aren't looking . . . .

Boy is she gonna be pissed in April when I head off to the Spring Retreat. I've just found out I can still go & I decided on the fly to just pick up & go!!! With the window open, the toilet open, the big bowl full of crunchies & the litter box freshly cleaned, I think the cat will be okay for three days on her own. Yeah, she howls at nite but the kids upstairs scream, swear, stomp & fight at nite too, so what the hell . . . why should I care? I'm giving myself a birthday present this year. And I may even go to the Fall one too.

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Joanne said...

Thanks for your lovely note on my blog about my winter coat! (come back soon!) Enjoy your spinning retreat.