Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhh . . . . . Sock yarn shopping!

I made the run to my local yarn shop on the way to work today to pick up some balls of the "UGLY" sock yarn on sale. Well, it's not really ugly I suppose but it's dark or muted colors - the guys really like most of it - but it sure isn't much to look at. It's the sort of yarn that knits slowly because there's no excitement about it. But, I suppose when you're knitting socks for a size 13 foot as wide as a house, there isn't going to be much excitement. Unless you count the thrill of actually finishing!!
So I blew the budget & bought 22 balls at half price. Why so many??? Well, it takes almost three balls to knit a pair of size 13 canal barge covers. Hey - I gotta pay for the spinning wheel.

On the way home, I stopped & got rid of the last 5 loaves of bread that needed a home. I got a warm welcome, a home brewed Cappuccino, a doggie kiss or two & a nice cuddle in a deeeeeep chair that I needed help to get out of. I love my friends.

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