Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Had a Day Out

I had a lovely day out yesterday. The sun eventually came out & I thought I'd shovel the drive once more. I did about half of it - only a couple of inches or so & thought, what the heck, why not just go??? So I did. I picked up two weeks of mail for a start & then called in at the Dollar Store for some goodies - the cat got two new Kitty blankets for a buck each & I got pens, post-its, foaming hand soap & red licorice. Then I went to the Chinese grocery store & got tea, KaiLan, long beans, BBQ pork, oranges & Curried Chicken buns - mmmmmm. I called in on a client & got signed up to open on Sunday morning & ended up at Starbucks for tea & my first newspaper in almost two weeks!! Wow. It was so great to yak it up with people I didn't even know!!! And then a friend came in to drink tea with me & we eventually went out to eat Indian food for dinner.

I had a wonderful day!! I came home energized & happy with no problems getting back into the drive!
I didn't knit a stitch all day although I took the knitting bag with me. I just had too much fun being with people again. And, I slept like a baby last nite.

I got up to more snow this morning. Oh, come oooooon . . . . . At 1:00, my client called me & canceled tomorrow morning. He's concerned about me getting in & out of the business with more snow. At 3:00, I called my client & let him know the Weather Channel has now issued a SNOW WARNING for the Lower Mainland for tonite & tomorrow - 10 to 20 more cms due . . . . he thinks he'll just call the morning customer & cancel or rebook him for today if he can & then go home early. Whatever happened to Global Warming???

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