Friday, January 23, 2009

Is that Sunshine?

I woke up early this AM to more fog! Grrrrr - but Chinese New Year is almost here so I decided to go for BBQ pork, tea, fresh
shrimp chips, noodles & greens!! The fog lifted while I was shopping & I came out to a glorious burst of sunshine!! I just knew that's why I packed my knitting bag with me this morning! Time to go sit & knit at Starbucks for an hour or so! Called Gail & got her to come & join me for some theraputic rays. Yessiree, one glorious, gorgeous day. The kind that makes you get up & yodel!!!
I'm looking forward to shorts, thongs & tees . . . .

So what's in the knitting bag, you ask?? Well, the obvious - socks! Remember the pink & blue ball I bought for myself?? Well, it knits into broad bands of color. I didn't expect this when I bought it but I'm growing fonder of it all the time. The girls keep laughing at me because my favorite tee shirt is broad horizontal lavender, pink & white stripes BUT, I keep reminding them that these socks are just a little girly for me.

I have a second pair on the needles in a color that I'm not so fond of but they're not for me so I guess it doesn't matter. Gail told me she knit herself a pair out of this very color a
long time ago - I think this yarn has been aging in a stash for some time . . . I'm knitting these on my 2mm Brittany Birch needles so they work up a little denser than normal. I thought they might be a little warmer that way. And these socks will eventually go to a friend who has never had anyone knit a pair of socks for HER - boy is she gonna be surprised!!!

And then there's all that UGLY yarn. Well, I think it's ugly anyway. But, since it's
for a man who doesn't care what color his socks are as long as they fit, well, I guess it doesn't matter. I don't have to wear them. As I said before though, ugly yarn takes longer to knit. There's nothing to look forward to but the end of the sock. I may be crazy but I think size 13 Frankensocks would knit a lot faster than size 13 Ugly socks. But that's just MY opinion.

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