Monday, January 05, 2009

Another Snowy Monday

So I woke up this morning at 5:38 to the sound of my neighbor spinning his wheels whilst trying to get out of his drive. He's the guy, with several other guys, who occupy the drive directly across the alley from me. Did they shovel over the weekend when we got even more snow? Yup. Their wives broke all the ice with hammers & shoveled everything halfway out into the alley to boot. And then it snowed again last nite. The guy with the spinning wheels spent almost three hours spinning, digging, cursing & banging out there before he got out. I see half of my driveway is now dug too. Guess I'll just stay home & work in the home office.

I finally finished the Carpenter Wallaby last nite. I think the garter stitch hood took as long
to knit as the whole yoke!! I really grew much fonder of old Briggs & Little as I knit this sweater. Although there were some bits & prickly pieces to pick out of the yarn, it wasn't excessive. But, I noticed B&G puts out little particles into the air which make me cough when I frog. Notice to self - Don't Make Mistakes!!! The carpenter is also hoping for an earflap hat to go with his sweater - I was going to make him a balaclava - Knitty has a great one - but I think B&G is too scratchy for next-to-face wear!!

My biggest complaint with B&G is getting skeins into balls. The skeins don't seem to be too willing to co-operate unless you hand wind a ball first. Yes, I snapped that damned skein - many times - but it sticks together & always becomes tangled. So I unwind by hand into a ball which can be fed around, under & between errant strands & then rewind it into a nice centre pull ball.

The finished product is much softer than I expected from handling the skeins in the store! I might even knit myself a Wallaby - I certainly have enough yarn to do so now that I have no one else to knit for.

Ginny is already partially on the big 60" cable so I can finish the neck, fronts & bottom. I may just do seed stitch rather than garter but will decide when I actually sit down to do it. I need that sweater so whatever is fastest wins!!! So my work is cut out for me for the week!! I surely hope we get rain & not more snow . . . .

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