Thursday, January 15, 2009

A change is as good as a rest . . .

So Ginny is back on the needles - thank Goodness for the Denise 60" cord!!! I am once again, working this from the top down. Most of the purple & lavender yarn in this project is recycled from other sweaters I have owned. The yarn is probably 30 years old from Scheepsjwool - I hope I spelled it correctly!!! It's mostly wool, hand washable & I bought all of it in the Bargain Bin in an old yarn store in PoCo back in the late 70s when I worked over there. That shop had only European yarns, mostly German, in those days & I couldn't afford to knit with anything that wasn't in the Bargain Bin. I think I bought all the shades of purple she had & a teal too - I have a couple of teal balls left!! I've loved all the incarnations of this yarn - I used to knit sweaters with front detail like cables or lace panels in solid colors. But now, I'm branching out!

So, I decided I needed a new sock project - who doesn't??? I found this 100 gm ball of Garn Studios yarn in the prettiest colors - not my usual thing but I liked it. I
did not expect the blocks of solid color that I'm getting with these socks but they're interesting. I decided to make them a little longer than my usual socks so I guess they'll be Winter Socks. I'm not sure if I'll wear them myself of whether they'll go into the sock basket. We'll see.
I talked to my mother on Christmas Day - she converted to the Jehovah's Witnesses when she married my step-father so I like to bug her a little now & then!! LOL She was complaining about being snowed in up in Vernon & having cold feet all the ti
me . . . . oh, I feel a new sock wardrobe coming on . . . . Mom doesn't mind Frankensocks either!!!

And then there's that Marble. I just loved the color when I saw this yarn. Knitopia, in Langley, BC, carries only one kind of acrylic yarn & Marble is it. Lynne, the ow
ner, says its a quality yarn & wears very well. I fondled it for a while before buying any. In my books, acrylic is for afghans & kids' stuff because both are constantly in the wash!! But this Marble yarn is sooooooo nice that I may just change my mind. I was experimenting with some swatches & I can get 5 stitches to the inch without it looking too loose or too tight & still have a very nice fabric. I'm debating. I bought a book of lacy patterns because of a sweater pattern that I just loved. Of course it's in a size that's half of what I need but, with bigger needles & the Marble & a little math . . . hmmmm. Time to swatch some more I think.

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Dotty said...

I love Marble! I've used it numerous times for baby stuff and it wears/washes extremely well.