Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free at last, free at last!!

Free in more ways than one! 2009 has given me back my life. The BT is gone, my stress is way down & I can finally get out of my driveway.
I'll try not to complain to much about the rain again! Well, not for month or two anyway. So much rain fell over the last couple of days that not only is my drive bare & wet, but even the undug sidewalk & the mostly impassible alley are all bare & wet!! Side streets are once more free to roam - only parking lots are not as bare since the mountains of white stuff piled there may stick around till spring! It's so nice to just get in the car & go out to pick up fresh oranges. I was able to go knitting with the Gang, TWICE this week!

I even managed to get out to have coffee with friends I haven't had time to see in months. I met their new pooch - a Leonburger hound. Some big, blonde, German fibre animal that will be just under 150 pounds when fully grown!!! A nice companion to the Black Lab/St Bernard cross they already have! Good thing they have 5 acres - they need it!!! I am to be the recipient of the next bag of pooch hair from the dogs - the owner would like a pair of Barn Socks to keep her feet warm when she goes out to feed & groom the horses. Okaaaaaaay . . I can do that. I think I'll just card wool, mohair & pooch to make them.

I'm madly working on Arvik again - I hauled Ginny out & was putting it on the 60" Denise cable when I spotted a PULL in the sweater!! A great big long pull!! It looks like the CAT, over Christmas when she couldn't go outside, started exploring & made a bed in the bag with Ginny. Apparently, she got a claw caught & pulled a big loop after her when she left . . . . I've had to frog Ginny all the way back to the YOKE!!! Sigh . . . . Good thing I tied the top of the bag that the Arvik sweater was in!! Damn Cat! So, I'm working on Arvik. By the time I finish, I probably won't need anything really warm anyway!

I have enough B&L left to knit myself a Wallaby. I bought shades-of-purple Marble yarn to knit myself a Wallaby & the B&L was for the BT. Oh, I also bought some lovely Eton in a Robin's Egg blue to knit a sweater for you know who, too. Is this a case of the Boyfriend Sweater curse??? I have all this yarn. And all the Raspberry Dalesman yarn I collected over the years to knit myself a couple of jackets! So I guess I'm going to be doing a lot of knitting this year. For ME.


Gail from Surrey said...

It's about time that the knitting is for YOU!........

Anonymous said...

Just think of all the money you will be saving, no more buying his beer, cigarettes, doing his laundry, cooking his meals, gas and prolly more I don't know about. No wonder you say free at last. Conga Rats

Sharon in Surrey said...

Well Guys . . . I had no intention of acquiring a dependent Dependent when I offered to help as he lost his leaking condo. I had no idea There's no signposts on the slippery slope into Hell, you know.