Monday, April 13, 2009

Its all over . . .

The Sockblock is gone. I pulled out the leftover box - well, leftover BOXES & two bags that is - on the week
end & started to knit a pair of "Frankensocks". I dug out all the yarns with blue in them - I have quite a lot of them - & just started knitting! And knitting. And knitting. Last night I turned the heel in one sock & am about to do the same with the other. Now, these are Fraternal socks. I'm just not anal enough to match up yarns on both socks! Some leftovers were only large enough for a narrow stripe on one sock while other bits were large enough to probably do the whole foot but I just knit them all till I grew tired of them & then found another. Some yarns are repeated on both socks but mostly they aren't or at least not in the same place. I love socks.

Update - the heels are turned on both of the Frankensocks! Once I got started, I just couldn't stop! I still say that wild socks knit up faster!

And on the left?? Oh, just a bit of fluffy foolishness 3" wide by 62" long. Bought two balls of yarn to knit something totally useless but fun. Not sure if this will be for a kid or an adult yet but I'm sure it will still be FUN.

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