Monday, April 27, 2009

Wheeeeeeze . . .

Yeah, it's tax return HELL around here. Season of blooming trees & paper dust. Just call me Sneezy, Snuffly or
Hack. And knitting with Briggs & Little yarn doesn't help, neither!! Oh, yeah, I've come to love the Heritage yarn I'm using - the Anniversary Blue is really nice & seems to look great on just about everyone - but it puts fibres into the air as you knit!!! And it's dusty too. I never realized that before, but if you sit in a ray of sunshine & knit with it, you'd be shocked at the STUFF you send into the air! Another good reason to spin your own yarn, I guess. But who really has the time to spin everything you want to knit??? Not me. Not in this life unless I win the Lotto or get back 30 years . . . .

So, I'm working on a nice plain cardigan in stockinet with garter borders, from the bottom up in one piece, to the arm
holes. In the B&L. I haven't decided whether it will get a hood or just a big collar yet but there's lots of time for that. In case you haven't noticed, the evenings are still COLD! And I had FROST on my car Sunday morning! The frost won't be around once this sweater is done but I'm knitting it anyway! The goal is to have a Just Hanging Around sweater that can be thrown on to go for coffee or to pick up a plant. Since I drive, I want something warm but flexible. This is the last picture I took for the record. I really need a project to take with me when the Techie Boys haul me out for coffee most evenings. So, this morning when I laid the Sweater-in-Progress on the couch to take it's picture for posterity - I'm about 2/3 of the way to the armholes - the nasty orange cat pounced on the nice new bed & got there before I even snapped the pic!! Yes, I have one of the sweater with the orange blur as she pounced!!! And now it looks like my chip reader has died & I have transferred my last picture for now. Drat.

I finished the blue Frankensocks. I do swear that wild socks knit faster!! And Frankensocks knit up the fastest of all. I think it has something to do with the whole adventure. I made these ones long socks instead of the usual short summer socks. I think I was just having too much fun designing them as I went. Hopefully, the recipient-to-be will not be too anal to wear them since they ARE related but are a little more like cousins than brothers although they are mostly blue as requested. Lucky for me, I took this picture yesterday when the chip reader felt like transfering the picture!!

Arvik is really on the needles.
But, you can't just pick up a couple extra ball
s of yarn at the local shop when you're spinning your own! I have to dig out the fleeces, spin up several ounces, skein it, wash it & only then can I knit up the balance of the sweater. But, I will finish it this summer when It gets warm enough outside to dry the skeins & the paperwork is mostly gone. Right now, I just want dumb knitting. As of this report, Arvik has both sleeves finished to just above the cuff & the body is almost long enough . . . I'm still contemplating using those neat Ladybug buttons I got at Walmart last year too.

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