Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's Over

I always feel just a little let down when it's all over. The tax season, I mean. All that stress and then it's just . . . OVER. Oh, I swore I wouldn't but I made One Last Trip to the BOX just before Midnite on April 30 - I figured most of the last minute idiots would be gone by then. They were but the Traffic Control folks were still there directing them through the maze to the BOX. Got the last 6 returns to the box in time. And then slept most of the following day. I probably have just as many to do in the stack at home but they'll get filed as & when I get to them. Can you believe I met with a couple the following morning to pick up more to do?? Yup. I did.

So I have to report I haven't accomplished much in the way of knitting or spinning this week. I did go for coffee most evenings for an hour or two with the Techie boys & managed to add a few rows to my B&L sweater. I also got to enjoy the floorshow as a Shoplifter got nabbed by a customer leaving the store with 8 pounds of coffee in her big bag. She turned out to be a slippery "customer" & the Techie boys stood guard on the door till the police came for her. Apparently she's well known in the area.
I am now to the armhole of my sweater - 22.5 inches from the hem to the armhole - & I've decided to just carry on as before with the garter trim around the armhole & up the front. I cast off 15 stitches on each side for a deep armhole & will pick up & short row the sleeve cap later. I've carried the garter band up the armhole to make picking up stitches easier & to give it a little more pizazz. I liked the way that Elizabeth Zimmerman did the sleeve on her Tomten jacket - there was no excess fabric under the arm after the short-rowed sleeve was finished so I decided to snitch it for mine. So far, so good. Haven't decided on a hood or not but I've got plenty of time.

When I get the time to buy another chip reader, I'll post pictures of my progress. In the meantime, you'll just have to wait!!

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