Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh what a busy life this is . . .

So, lately I've been busier than I was during the height of tax season in April
!! Why, you ask?? Well, it seems I tend to bite off big chunks of Life & then contemplate the wisdom of taking such a big mouthful later . . .

I took up the Sock needles with a vengeance again. Not only did I cast-on for one pair but now I've got THREE on the go & have finished two more pairs of Frankensocks as well in the last month. On the right, the Car Socks in progress in Fabel pinks are very yummy!! Below are the Fabel blue & purple socks in the bag beside my chair!! I have to confess I have yet another purple Fabel variant in the car bag - sometimes you just need to knit & can't do the heel shaping with the rubber bands because the light isn't good enough or there isn't time or room enough. I've really come to love the Fabel Superwash colors as well as the feel of the finished socks - I highly recommend it !!

I'm still pluggin away on my
sweater in Briggs & Little Heritage in Anniversary Blue - winter weight worsted for those who don't know - and I've almost finished it to the shoulders. I intend to pickup the sleeve stitches & knit the sleeves to the cuff - Oh how I hate sewing sweaters together!!! And I haven't yet decided if I'll knit a hood or design a big collar as I go.

I've hauled anot
her big bag of yarn home from Knitopia to knit kids' sweaters for the Boomer Project - yes, one is on the needles as I type. I've really enjoyed both the Tomten & the BSJ in this yarn but the next sweater or two will be Wallabies!!! I even found STRIPEY yarn this time.

And Arvik?? Well, I sent an email to her owner to ask for this year's fleece only to find that Arvik has gone to the great Pasture in the sky. She left behind daughters & granddaughters but none with her coloring. DRAT! I did buy a couple of fleeces so I have to hunt for the bin with the leftovers in it. I tried to exclude the darkest or lightest parts of the fleece but I have no idea what's actually left. I'm sure there's enough for TWO sweaters but I wanted the grey parts rather than the brown parts that existed in the same fleece. A summer project, I guess, since the sweater is three-quarters finished in a plain stockinet & I sure don't want to rip it out again!! Although . . . . . I could rip it back to the yoke & add a simple lace pattern to the body to stretch the yarn a little to finish it . . . . mmmm?

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