Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Normal Life

Other than a couple of late nite phone calls from "Private", my life is almost back to "Normal" again. I admit I slept for a couple of days after the 'Season' ende
d - it's not really over but the deadline doesn't hang like a lump over my head anymore! I think I have almost as many tax return TO DOs in the pile AFTER the deadline as I did in the week BEFORE. But, to heck with that. Today was a NORMAL day. I slept till 6:30. I went out for brekkie with my Ex. And I didn't even turn on the computer . . . . till now. I swear I hear my blood pressure falling.

So, I had a little problem with the E brake on the car. I don't have one anymore. It locked up when a friend applied it & we had to cut the cable to use the car. I've heard it's a very expensive item laborwise to replace. I was sweating blood because I have to go thru Air Care - I won't go into how useless that organization is - by June 12 & I need an Emergency brake in order to be tested or I can't get insurance . . . . To my utter surprise - hey, good things come to good people sometimes - I got the letter that says, "Air Care not necessary" I did the Happy Dance. And what will I do with the money I've saved??? I guess it will get deposited to cover the Overdraft that has to be paid IMMEDIATELY according to a second letter in the same mail delivery! It was soooo good while it lasted.

My Blue Frankensocks went to a new home the other day. I offered them up as a 40th birthday sacrifice. A bad husband, yeah a friend of mine, one day away fro
m his wife's 40th, still hadn't figured out what to get her. I pulled them out of the bag to dig something else out & he admired them. He asked what I'd charge for them & told me his wife would love them twice before I clued in. Hey, I never said I was the brightest bulb in the array! I told him I'd donate them to the cause. She's an artist so we both knew she'd love them . . . AND I immediately cast on another pair. This time they may actually get to the person they were intended for! I do have plenty of leftovers to work with so nothing much will change in the color department, that's for sure.

And speaking of socks - a client has two pairs of hand-knit, wool socks that an old aunty knit for him half a cent
ury ago. He wears them as bed socks or when he's sick & his feet are cold. The feet are practically gone, they're stretched out to fit an elephant & I'm sure he only wears them for security. Anyhoo - he gives me a pair & asks if I can fix them. Fix them??? There's nothing left to fix. So I cut off the feet, picked up the stitches & knit a giant foot in aran wool - heh, I have nothing else that will have any durability & be close to the creme color of the existing "sock". I have to deliver them tomorrow & I hope he likes them. I'll have to take a picture for posterity!!!
I have anot
her pair on the needles in my Car Bag - I'm thinking these will be short summer socks, if we get more summer!!! The yarn is the DROPS Fabel superwash in shades of pink, purple, oatmeal & some green. So far, I really like the color & pattern & I think they'll knit up really fast. I've got several balls of the Fabel in my personal collection of yarns - mostly in pinks & purples. Must be a phase I'm going thru!!! And then, really & truly, I have to knit the Ex a pair of 13WWWWWs because I promised . . . . .

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