Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Monday er, Tuesday Again

Unglued an eyeball on Monday morning at 5:13 & decided I felt like hell & went back to sleep. Woke up a couple hours later with one cat standing on chest squawking. Forced the aforementioned eyeball open to sunshine & hungry cat. Not pleased. Eventually got up, fed the damned cat, drank something & crawled onto the couch. Piled on the blankets, but couldn't get warm. Got up at suppertime & ate something. While contemplating the spinning room & complaining cat, the phone rang. Ignored it & went back to bed. Should've had some Bailey's in that tea . . . . .

Got up this morning but not willingly. Head still spinning but I'm out of milk so I have to go out - eventually. I have the Summer Crud. The cat's pissed off because I've also run out of extra lean hamburger which she's become addicted to. Won't eat cat food anymore, only eats crunchies when starved into it . . . I pay $18 a small bag for that expensive chow!!!!! She took another hunk out of my shin reminding me the bowl's empty but I managed to NOT fall down when I kicked her furry behind . . . . I guess I HAVE to go shopping . . . no milk for my tea & I'm too dizzy for the Bailey's already. Sigh.

I didn't feel too ambitious on the weekend either although I went to work. I got out the old Indian Spinner & some of the Brown Sheep mill ends & spun & spun & spun in the evenings. It's such lovely stuff & I haven't really spun anything again since the Spring Retreat in April. So I got out the old girl & spent a few hours listening to a Murder on my MP3 player & spinning until it got too dark to see. I have about half a bobbin full at the moment & plan to spin up a couple of them for my next dye experiment!! I bought Mother McKenzie's dye kit several years ago & haven't dyed anything!! So I was thinking about it . . . . but first, I'm going to get several BIG skeins spun up. A little spinning here & a little there should do it . . . And I may be home by myself spinning tomorrow instead of knitting socks with the Wednesday Nite Nitters if I don't feel a whole lot better than I am at the moment!

Oh, did I mention I've also done a little more work on socks?? Well, I have. To the toe on one purple sock & to the middle of the foot with the other. I think I need them today! It's cool - too cool today. I wonder if its better to be sick on cold days or warm ones?? Blleetchhhh!

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