Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sweating to the Oldies

So I've hung in for almost 30 days at Curves
for the Avon study. I hope I don't skew the works. It seems I'm pretty damned good at these machines . . . . Gawd help me! I'm sore for the rest of the day & stiff & achy the next as well until it's time to go back for more . . . but, I'm meeting my daily totals for exercise, steps & calories so I KNOW it's a good thing although I could use some of that estrogen I used to have to recover more quickly.

Since it's been hot
, I've been getting up VERY early & going to Curves just before 7AM when it's cool. I'm sleeping better these days & although I'm sweating bullets, I feel a lot better. Maybe I'll just surprise myself & keep on going.

I finished my first Wonderful Wallaby
for the Boomer project & have gone onto the Kyler's Kardigan from the same author. It's knit from the neck down & I have to report that I got a little enthusiastic & made too many increases on the yoke. I refuse to pull it all out so I'm doing just a top-down cardi in garter stitch. Oh, I'll put a hood on it & trim the edges in a nice contrasting color so it'll work out in the end. One thing about knitting, you can adapt it! The next one will be done the right way! Still no pictures of the projects because I have no reader for my flash chip but I'm going shopping later this week & will download them all. A blog is just not the same without pictures!!!

Not much happening on the sock scene although my knitting buddy Karen & talked about having our own Sock Summit for those of us who couldn't go to Portland. The Yarn Stinkers - oops, Floozies are driving down together & managed to get registered for classes on line! Gail, Karen & I tossed around the idea for a brief shining moment but soon realized it was just not on the schedule. So Karen thought we could have one in her back yard. We thought about having a knit-a-long in a luxury yarn or lace pattern or a new sock design. We COULD rent a Retreat space for a couple of days but the idea of a lazy day in the shade with munchies is really appealing. I mean, the money spent on a Retreat could be better spent on a book & some outrageous yarn instead, don't you think . . .
Meanwhile, I have two pairs of socks in the project bag - I turned all the heels & got no further. Maybe Boomer sweaters took over? Or maybe it was just too hot to knit . . . .

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Dotty said...

Us stinkers will miss you at sock summit. But it sounds like you will be having fun on your own. Remember - don't drink & knit!