Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Sunshine

The last couple of days have been cool enough to make my right hip ache enough to make me start swallowing Arthritis strength Aspirin again!! My fingers have been sore but not sore enough to make me stop knitting . . . . . I must admit I'm glad to see the sunshine & blue sky again this morning! Everything has stopped aching as I type - maybe it's due to the HUGE amounts of enteric aspirin in my system????

So, I've been working on Kyler's Kardigan for the Boomer project. Remember it?? Lynne at Knitopia donated the acrylic/wool yarn to anyone who will knit children's hats, scarves or sweaters which are sent to the Canadian troops to distribute to the kids in Afghanistan. The project is named in the honor of "Boomer", a Canadian medic who wrote to his mom about the kids he met on the streets.
Back to Kyler's Kardigan. It's knit from the top down in garter stitch. I made too many increases right in the beginning. This made me grumble but I carried on knitting. After a while I decided I didn't like the shaping. And I didn't like the fact that I'd have to find buttons. And sew them on. So I ripped it all out & went back to the Wallaby pattern. No sewing. No buttons. No garter stitch neither because you can't garter in the round . . . . . sigh. But, what the hell, I DO like the Wallaby pattern!!!!

Crawford's mom has sent me another 40 pound bag of yarn. I'm afraid to look in there. I know if I open the top, something will jump out, grab me by the throat & threaten to come inside the house with me. I have enough crap in the house now. So, it lives in the car! But, I see greens & blues & pinks & Lopi in there. No Buffalo wool but a box of THAT has already made it inside the house! The first bag is all bits & pieces. The second bag is balls & skeins. I hear there's at least 5 more waiting for me . . . . . . I hope a lot of this yarn will end up in Wallabies or afghan squares. Somewhere, anywhere!!! I need help here folks! If anyone wants to knit some 8" afghan squares, I've got the yarn!

I've almost finished my wild pink socks in the Drops Fabel yarn. I've been too busy & too tired to knit much in the last week or so but an evening will finish them off! I've made winter length socks because I just know I'll want to wear them a LOT!! I really must get back to Knitopia & see what other colors have come out in the Fabel. You might have your Lorna's Laces, Malbrigio or Wollmeise yarn but I just love my berry colored Fabel!!
And it's a lot more affordable too!

Someday - maybe before the winds blow in October - I'll get back to the sweater I'm knitting for myself out of the Briggs & Little Anniversary blue yarn. It's part way up the yoke, heading for the shoulders at the moment. I cast off for DEEP armholes & will use the EZ short row method in the Tomten jacket to pick up the sleeve stitches & knit the cap. Hopefully it will all work out . . . . . before it gets too cold, that is. I guess I could always make a wallaby.

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