Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweating it Off

Mostly, I like the dry heat - the old joints don't hurt as much - but this is just a little too much for me. It was so hot yesterday that I had a perm without the plastic cape or the hair dryer - I just sat in the sun to process! It's even too hot to wear underwear! I came home to find the cat flopped in the bathtub - I guess it's the coolest place in the house especially since the tap is on a verrrry slow drip into her bowl of drinking water . . . . She likes to play in the water after I get out of the shower, too. Aren't cat's weird??

In this heat, I've been getting up really really early & working when it's cooler because most of the south facing buildings are just too hot after 3:00. I was at work by 5:30AM on Sunday & that warehouse was still hot from the day before. My home office faces west & while I do keep the blinds down, it gets
waaay too hot & the computer complains . . . . sort of like the office in Langley where the portable air-conditioner has to be blowing right on you to keep you cool before 3:00 & you still sweat bullets after the sun comes over the roof around 3:30 - we wear as little as possible & go barefoot when we can . . . . but nothing really cools down overnight when everything's closed up & there's no windows to open. Oh well, better than being snowed in for 10 days!!!! But, the garden sure loves this weather! I have a squash plant that's crawling up the lattice I put up for the clematis!! The rescued grasses are doing extremly well - they had a label on them "I survived the winter outside in THIS pot" when I first saw them - I had to take them home! I'm always rescuing something . . . My hen & chicks -in the top pic - are taking over . . . .

I finished the pink summer socks but it's just too hot to put them on! And, yes, I have b
een working on the Ugly socks for my Ex - I force myself to knit on them or I can't watch tv. And since I've been watching the news reports on the Kelowna fires, I've been working on them a lot. My mother used to live on Glenrosa!! And Gorman's mill was not that far away!! I'm so glad she moved back to Vernon . . . . Now, since I don't have a cat to model my projects like the Yarn Floozies do, so I'll just have to lay them flat for the photos.

The Ugly socks are both to the heel turning - Oh, you say, they're half done! Oh No. This man wears a size 13 shoe in the widest width available. And I have yarn to knit another 5 pairs. I will have this pair done for his birthday - hopefully, I'll have a second done as well since his birthday is August 8th. Or is it the 5th? Oh well, beginning of August . . . .

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