Monday, July 27, 2009

Another No Underwear Day

Last winter's snow pile seems so far away although it's only been a few months! Remember this???? I don't mind SOME heat - it's good for my bones!! But, heat that's so hot that nothing cools down overnite or you w
alk into a blast furnace office or warehouse, is no fun at all! I normally love my basement apartment but these days, it's HOT. I face west & can't escape the blast in the late afternoon when my patio bakes. That being said, the squash plants love this heat - they're growing up the lattice that the clematis normally uses! Now if I could just grow squashes across the whole front . . . .

Since it's been
too hot to drive anywhere, I've been home in front of the fan in the evenings, knitting. I've not only turned the heels on the EX socks but am travelling slowly down the BIG foot - I need these for August 5th & his birthday. If he's lucky, he'll get another pair before Christmas. I've found three balls of yarn that isn't quite as ugly as the last so they may knit faster. I've noticed that Ugly yarn doesn't look nearly as ugly in the ball sometimes as it does when you start knitting with it. Why is that???

My latest Wonderful Wallaby
is up to the hood at the moment & moving quickly to the end. The only problem I have with this pattern is the stitches left to be grafted at the underarm where the sleeves join the body. The pattern says to put 6 stitches on a holder on the sleeve & the
body & graft them together later. By the time I get to the grafting part, the opening is several stitches wider than the 6 I put on the holders. This may only be a problem on the smaller sizes though since knitting around the body & sleeves at that point really pulls for the first few rows after joining. For now, I'm doing a three needle bind-off for the six stitches on either side & taking an extra stitch or two on either side. I like the Wallaby. There's no buttons to sew on & consequently, no buttons for a kid to lose & it's mostly in one piece which makes me happy - no sewing!!

I've got a Kyler's Kardigan - by the same company & is knitted from the top down - on the other set of needles. Kyler's is fun because it's done in garter stitch but the front is open & you have to sew on buttons that may become lost. It is a faster knit though & that may be it's saving grace in the end.

I've discovered a couple of holes in my hand knit socks. They're almost 10 years old so I guess it's to be expected. They may turn into house slippers for the winter & make room for some new socks. I've got a couple of balls of Regia in blues & purples that I just love & I think they will be the next socks for ME. Funny how my wardrobe of socks is becoming very purple these days!! They'll go nicely with the Raspberry & deep Purple tops I bought this month. And the purple sweater I have on the go - Ginny is purple!! Is this a phase??

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Dotty said...

I think my purple-ness is rubbing off on you ;)